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Do Normal Blood Test Show STDs?

Do Normal Blood Test Show STDs?

At Cobb Women’s Health, we offer safe, professional, and confidential STD screening, treatment, and management. If you suspect that you may have an STD, or would like to book in for testing as a proactive measure, contact us today or book an online to schedule appointment. We are conveniently located at 1810 Mulkey Road, Suite 102, in Austell, Georgia.

Do Normal Blood Test Show STDs Near me in Austell GA
Do Normal Blood Test Show STDs Near me in Austell GA

Table of Contents:

What are the first signs of an STD?
Do normal blood tests show STD results?
When do STDs show up on a blood test?
Which STDs are detected by blood tests?

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), also known as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), develop when bacteria, viruses, or parasites infect your body as a result of coming into contact with contaminated bodily fluids during sex. These fluids include blood, urine, semen, saliva, and mucus that are exchanged through oral, vaginal, or anal sexual activity.

STDs are contagious and sometimes don’t present observable symptoms, which is why it’s important to book regular STD testing if you’re sexually active. Early identification and treatment can keep you from unintentionally spreading an STD to others.

What are the first signs of an STD?

Symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases will vary depending on which STD you have, and the severity and progression of your condition. You may experience symptoms that affect the vagina, penis, anus, or mouth. Some of the most common symptoms associated with an STD are:
• A skin rash.
• Aches and pains.
• Bumps, sores, or warts.
• Diarrhea.
• Fever and chills.
• Frequent urination.
• Night sweats.
• Painful sex.
• Painful urination.
• Penile discharge.
• Severe itching.
• Swelling near the penis or vagina.
• Vaginal bleeding outside of your period.
• Vaginal discharge that smells off, causes irritation, is more than usual, and/or is a different color.
• Weight loss.
It’s important to note that with some STDs, you may not experience any observable symptoms. This is why it’s important to get tested regularly when you’re sexually active, even if you feel fine physically.

Do normal blood tests show STD results?

STD testing can be performed through bloodwork but is not typically included in a standard blood panel. If you want your doctor to test you, you’ll need to have an open and honest conversation with them about your concerns. This includes telling them about your symptoms so they can issue the right tests for you.
It’s important to keep in mind that not all STDs are detectable via blood tests, so your doctor may schedule you for a urine test, pap smear, and/or swab test for more comprehensive results.

When do STDs show up on a blood test?

When you first contract an STD, it may not show up on a test right away. This is because your body needs time to recognize and produce antibodies in response to the disease. This is known as the incubation period, and testing before the incubation period is over may result in a false negative.
Below are the incubation periods for some of the most common STDs:

• Chlamydia
• Genital herpes
• Gonorrhea
• Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis B
• Hepatitis C
• HPV 
• Oral herpes
• Syphilis
• Trichomoniasis
Incubation period

• 7–21 days
• 2–12 days
• 1–14 days
• 15–50 days
• 8–22 weeks
• 2–26 weeks
• 2–4 weeks
• 1 month–10 years
• 2–12 days
• 3 weeks–20 years
• 5–28 days

During the incubation period, you might not experience any symptoms – however, you can still carry the disease. It’s important to get tested if you’ve been in sexual contact with someone that you don’t know the sexual history of or who has been diagnosed with an STD, even if you’re feeling physical well.

Which STDs are detected by blood tests?

Certain STDs can only be detected through specific testing methods. Your healthcare provider will physically examine you, take note of your symptoms, and ask about your sexual history before deciding which tests to issue.
Blood testing, specifically, is used to check for CMV (cytomegalovirus), hepatitis, herpes, HIV, and syphilis. Your healthcare provider may also issue a urine, swab, and/or pap test to confirm or rule out additional STDs.
If you’re sexually active, you should be regularly screened for STDs at your primary physician’s office or your gynecologist. At Cobb Women’s Health, we offer discrete, professional, and safe STD screening to help safeguard your physical, sexual, and emotional health. Contact us today for more information about our STD testing services or book with us online to schedule an appointment. We serve patients from Austell GA, Lithia Springs GA, Mableton GA, Powder Springs GA, Douglasville GA, Fair Oaks GA, Hiram GA, Clarkdale GA, Smyrna GA, Marietta GA, and nearby areas!