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Minimally Invasive GYN Surgery in Austell, GA

Our Amazing Staff at Cobb Women’s Health Are Dedicated to Your Health. With Our Minimally Invasive GYN Surgeries, Recovery Time is Lessened. Get Back To You Quickly. Call or Schedule an Appointment Today!

Minimally Invasive GYN Surgery in Austell, GA

We at Cobb Women’s Health, offer minimally invasive surgery. It’s a way of doing surgery using small incisions (cuts). It is different from “open” surgery where the incision on the skin can be several inches long. Minimally invasive surgery has many benefits. There is less pain, smaller incisions, shorter recovery, and a way to return to your normal daily activities more quickly. The smaller incisions that are used allow you to heal faster and have smaller scars. The risk of infection also is lower than with open surgery. For complex hysterectomies and other gynecologic procedures, robotic assisted surgery with the da Vinci Surgical System may be the most effective, least invasive treatment option. To find out more about the procedures we offer, please speak with one of our physicians.

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