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IUD Removal Specialist

IUD Removal Specialist in Austell GA

If you are experiencing pain, uncomfortable, wanting to become pregnant, or need to replace your IUD, we can help you at Cobb Women’s Health. Call us for more information or request an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 1810 Mulkey Road, Suite 102, in Austell Georgia.

IUD Removal Specialist Near Me in Austell GA
IUD Removal Specialist Near Me in Austell GA

Table of Contents:

What is an IUD?
When should I have my IUD removed?
How do I prepare?
What happens during IUD removal?
How long does it take?

What is an IUD?

IUD is known as an intrauterine device which is a t-shaped piece of plastic, around the size of a quarter that is placed inside the female’s uterus as a prevention method of pregnancy. There are two types of IUD available to choose from, the first is covered in copper, and the other releases hormone progestin.

The copper IUD prevents pregnancy by disallowing the sperm from a male to fertilize the egg within the female. It also makes it more difficult for a fertilized egg to then implant in the uterus.

The IUD coated with the progestin hormone works similarly; however, it also works by thickening the cervical mucus and thins out the uterine lining. In many cases, it stops ovulation altogether. Ovulation is the release of an egg during the female’s monthly cycle. Just like the copper IUD, it prevents the sperm from fertilizing the dropped egg, and implanting it in the uterus.

Doctors may also prescribe progestin hormone IUD to help reduce a female’s blood flow which can be heavy, or quite painful during their periods, which is also known as dysmenorrhea.

When should I have my IUD removed?

There are a few reasons you may have your IUD removed. While uncommon, an IUD can move out of place, there could be a few reasons why it moved out of place including:

• The IUD may have come out of the uterus
• The IUD may not have been positioned correctly, or it could be embedded within the walls of the uterus
• IUD may have cut the uterus and began traveling through the abdomen or peritoneal cavity

Your doctor will want to request a check-up about a month after the IUD is placed to ensure it was positioned properly. If the IUD moves, it normally will within the first few months after insertion. If the IUD placement doesn’t feel right, or you begin to feel symptoms of it being out of place, book an appointment to get checked:

• You can’t feel the strings
• The strings feel not as long or longer than usual
• You can physically feel the IUD
• Your partner can physically feel the IUD
• You start to experience pain
• You start to have heavy or even abnormal bleeding
• Start encountering severe cramping, fever, or abnormal discharge

If an IUD becomes out of place, you can have several complications occur, this is why it is best to constantly check the placement of the IUD, and go to the first check-up after insertion.

Another reason you may want to remove your IUD is to start trying to get pregnant. You can just call up your doctor to book an IUD removal and go over all the changes that may occur after removal.

Finally, the last reason for removal is the IUDs reached their useful life. Progestin hormone IUDs last anywhere from 3 to 5 years, and a copper IUD can last up to 10 years.

How do I prepare?

There is nothing that needs to be done to prepare for an IUD removal except for booking your IUD removal appointment with a physician.

The doctor may suggest avoiding sex for up to 7 days before your IUD removal appointment. This is to prevent you from becoming pregnant immediately after IUD removal, in case you do not replace it.

If you want to get pregnant, and this is the reason for removal, your doctor will not suggest anything.

What happens during IUD removal?

Regardless of whether you have a copper IUD or a progestin hormone IUD, the removal process is the same. Your doctor will have you lay flat on your back on the medical table with your knees bent and legs apart, like you would during a pap smear appointment.

The doctor will insert a speculum into the vagina to widen it for removal. They will find the threads from the IUD, which should be hanging past the cervix into the vagina. With their grasping tool, they will gently pull on the strings to remove the IUD.

How long does it take?

IUD removal shouldn’t last more than a few minutes. You will take longer to undress and dress back into your clothes than it will for the actual IUD removal process to occur.

If you would like to know more about IUDs and how they can help you, contact Cobb Women’s Health today! We are located at 1810 Mulkey Rd SW Suite 102, Austell GA 30106 and serve patients from Austell GA, Lithia Springs GA, Mableton GA, Powder Springs GA, Douglasville GA, Fair Oaks GA, Hiram GA, Clarkdale GA, Smyrna GA and Marietta GA.